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Finn Church Aid Kenya country programme evaluation

Finn Church Aid (FCA) is the largest Finnish organization for development cooperation and the second largest provider of humanitarian assistance. FCA operates in 11 countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Europe. FCA works with the most vulnerable people, regardless of their religious beliefs, ethnic background, or political convictions and contributes to positive changes by supporting people in fragile and disaster-affected areas.

We are looking to establish a consultancy contract with an external evaluator/evaluator team to carry out a country programme evaluation in Kenya. The service is executed as remote work but requires travel to/in Kenya. The evaluation is to be carried out in the spring and summer 2024 with two objectives:

  1. Capturing the successes and challenges of the country programme between 2018-2023 as well as factors contributing to them;
  2. Providing recommendations for FCA's future programming in Kenya, regionally and globally especially with a view to opportunities and threats of the operational environment.

The results and recommendations of the country programme evaluation will be used both internally and externally. Within FCA, the evaluation will support FCA's country strategy revision in Kenya scheduled for 2025 as well as the design of the global programme to be launched in 2026. Externally, FCA will also use the evaluation report in its engagements with donor organisations including the but not limited to the Finnish Foreign Ministry.

For more information, see the tender announcement in Cloudia Portal: https://tarjouspalvelu.fi/kirkonulkomaanapu/?id=495359 The DL for submissions is on February 25, 2024.