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The Finnish Red Cross is searching for a team leader to be responsible of the final evaluation of Community based Health and First Aid (CBHFA) project and National Society Development project in Côte d’Ivoire.

Red Cross Society of Côte d’Ivoire has been implementing these projects with the support of the Finnish Red Cross from 2016 to 2018. 


The purpose of this final evaluation is to carry out an assessment to measure the relevance, effectiveness, sustainability, coherence and impact of the Projects.

The evaluation is to focus particularly on:

  • Assessing the positive or negative, intended or unintended, direct or indirect impact of the project, on the targeted populations compared to the baseline and mid-term evaluation reports of the CBHFA project and provide reason for achievement or non-achievement of project outcomes;
  • Evaluating the level of sustainability of both projects and the effectiveness of the exit strategies in target areas;
  • Assessing the effectiveness of the organizational set-up of the program and the collaboration between Red Cross units (CRCI HQ, FRC HQ, Branch staff, coaches, volunteers, FRC delegates).

Duration of evaluation:

The evaluation is estimated to take between 3-4 weeks, with field work conducted between Mid-February and Mid-March in Côte d’Ivoire.  

Expected Results (please see ToR for details):

1. An inception report

2. A kick-off meeting with the partner National Society

3. A debriefing in country to the CRCI management and key project stakeholders at the end of the mission to discuss the initial findings, conclusions and recommendations.

4. A draft final evaluation report within two weeks after return from the field visit.

5. A final evaluation report with maximum lengths of 20 pages to be submitted to the FRC within 2 weeks of receiving the comments.

6. A presentation of the evaluation report for the FRC International Operations and Programmes Units

Evaluator Profile:

All the candidates must have

  • experience in the development, conduct, coordination, monitoring and evaluation of programs;
  • excellent oral and written skills in French and English;
  • conducted at least two previous evaluations and must provide copies of the evaluation reports;
  • University Degree in relevant field of study (e.g. health, water and sanitation, disaster management).

The contract for the consultancy will be awarded based on the received offers. The most economically advantageous tender will be selected. The most economically advantageous tender is evaluated according to weighing (%).

Price 40%

Working experience 25 %

  • Solid technical knowledge and experience of community-based development programmes

Evaluation experience and methodology 25 %

  • Proven experience in evaluating development cooperation projects
  • Evaluation methodology (presented in the application letter, maximum 2 pages)

Knowledge of Red Cross/Crescent Movement 10%

TOTAL 100%

Application procedures: 

The applicants are requested to submit their maximum 2-page applications with updated CV and two reference examples of evaluation reports they have done by 20.1.2019 to jaana.villberg(at)redcross.fi. If you have any questions, please contact Jaana Villberg by email on 11th or 14th January. The application should include examples of strategies and methodologies the team leader would propose for the evaluation.  The application shall also indicate two reference persons that can be consulted.  The applicants are requested to indicate in their tender the daily consultancy fee for thetotal length of mission, including in-country working days, providing breakdown for each expected activity and deliverable. The FRC will cover the flights and costs during the field trip as per FRC travel regulations. The consultant is expected to assume full responsibility for adequate travel insurance coverage and for paying any social charges due to a consultancy fee. The selection of the consultant is based on the qualifying criteria listed above (item 9).

Please see the TOR for more details on the tender.

Closing date for submission of the tender is 20th January 2019.

Terms of Reference, Cote d'Ivoire, Final Evaluation

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