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The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) is a Swiss-based foundation launched at the UN in 2002 to tackle the human suffering caused by malnutrition.

In Denmark, GAIN's Copenhagen office (GAIN Nordic) is set up with, among others, the purpose of leveraging resources and expertise from Nordic organisations under the GAIN Nordic Partnership; a multi-sector platform with the ambition to facilitate scalable and inclusive business models, enhancing the nutritional value of food in developing countries. The platform brings together companies, civil society, academia and the public sector to bridge knowledge and goals.

In order to continue its work on improving access to nutritious foods in developing countries, GAIN must mobilize resources through different donors. GAIN has a successful track record of mobilizing donor support from governments and foundations in Europe and the US. We are looking to build a network with institutional and public donors in the Nordic region with propensity and capacity to contribute to GAIN's work. For this purpose, GAIN's Danish office is seeking to engage the services of a fundraising consultant, who will provide an in-depth overview of the available funding opportunities and advise on the development of a resource mobilization strategy.

Objectives & Deliverables

The successful applicant shall under the guidance of and in consultation with GAIN provide a mapping and an assessment of potential Nordic donors from different categories of formal donors including government development aid agencies, philanthropic foundations and corporate/private donors. Based on the assessment, the consultant shall develop guidelines for a strategy tailored to GAIN's Danish office, outlining which donors are most suitable to approach based on alignment and likelihood of funding success.

Timeframe & Submission

  • September 2020
  • Completed proposals should be submitted  before 16:00 Central European Time on August 20th 2020 to sjensen@gainealth.org and fdyrberg@gainealth.org. Proposals may be postmarked on the due date, provided that an email of the proposal is submitted by the deadline.

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