Emergency Livelihoods Specialist, Humanitarian Roster

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FCA Humanitarian Roster is a register of pre-selected candidates who are deployed to support FCA’s Country Programmes, or FCA partners, in their response during large-scale sudden onset emergencies, or to initiate a new program in the disaster area.  Members may also be deployed to support FCA Country Programs in protracted humanitarian crises. The exact job description will vary with each request and assignment.

Emergency Livelihood Specialist

General description

The Emergency Livelihood Specialist is focused on securing the basic necessities for target groups to have a minimum standard of life. The role is therefore connected to food distribution (Cash & Voucher) and Food Security.

Examples of duties and responsibilities

  • Preparation of a needs and response analysis.

  • Lead the development of livelihoods response 

  • Coordinate with local or international NGO partners, UN cluster, local government and recipients to plan, organize and implement the Livelihood activities.

  • Monitor and evaluate program by using efficient methodology based on international standards.

  • Donor contact and donor management.

  • Draft country briefs.

  • Decide on the technical basis for the implementation, like through which tools, who are the recipients, what they need in terms of distribution of food/water, and where it will take place.

  • In addition; knowledge of capacity building, to make the recipients self-sufficient, is imperative.

  • Knowledge of the 3 W’s, the Where/Why/What strategy.

  • Communicate and train recipients effectively.

Required qualifications

  • Professional technical experience matching the mentioned duties and responsibilities with agriculture and non-agriculture based livelihoods strategies such as input access, marketing support, financial services, enterprise support and entrepreneur development, technical education and vocational skills training

  • A minimum of 3 years international humanitarian field (livelihoods and economic recovery) experience.

  • Relevant educational (master level) background and knowledge of the UN and clusters

  • Knowledge and understanding of the complexity related to humanitarian settings or fragile contexts

  • Proficiency in one (preferable two) languages. English is obligatory, while French or Arabic is an advantage. Effective in written and verbal communication

Behavioural Competencies:

  • Strong management and leadership skills in humanitarian response

  • Strong organisational and problem solving skills with analytic approach

  • Ability to integrate and work well with multicultural team

  • Good communication and interpersonal skills

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