Consultant, environment and climate change

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Finn Church Aid is looking for a consultant / consultants to carry out a consultancy on the environment and climate change in FCA programme and project management cycle.

 Finn Church Aid (FCA) is the largest Finnish development cooperation organization and second largest provider of humanitarian aid. FCA's work aims to improve the position of the most vulnerable people in a sustainable manner, through effective collaboration with both local communities and government. FCA specializes in supporting local communities in three priority areas: Right to Quality Education (R2QE), Right to Livelihood (R2L), and Right to Peace (R2P).

 FCA aims to continually  improve the quality of its programme work. One of the identified areas for improvement is the capacity to consider environmental issues and climate change  in FCA's work. The objective of the assignment is to ensure that FCA's guidance and tools related to environment and climate change are up to date, fit the needs of FCA's country programmes as well as different donor requirements, and better reflect FCA's strategy 2017 onwards and global Programme 2018-2023. Ultimately, the aim is to better assist the communities and individuals in adjusting to changing climate and making sure that our work is not having harmful impacts on the environmnet or contributing to adverse effects of climate change.

Please see the Supplier Portal (link below) for more details and for the complete ToR. Proposals must be submitted through the Supplier Portal no later than 25.08.2019 at 23:00.


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