Consultant – Education in Emergencies Impact Assessment

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Finn Church Aid (FCA) is looking for a Consultant/Consultancy for conducting an Education in Emergencies (EiE) Impact Assessment.

The purpose of the impact assessment is to assess to what extent and how the Education in Emergencies (EiE) responses in the three selected countries (Nepal, Jordan and Central African Republic, CAR) have brought about changes, in order to make sure that the affected populations have had an opportunity to voice concerns and needs and to ensure that the knowledge has been used to improve their situations and avert negative change. The results will be used to improve FCA’s EiE responses and response strategies.

Since a separate Country Programme (CP) evaluation will be undertaken for CAR during the same period of time, the consultant for the EiE impact assessment does not need to visit CAR personally, but the same EiE related questions will be integrated to the CAR country programme evaluation ToRs. The CAR Country Programme evaluation will be tendered through a separate tendering process.

For more information and instructions, see the Terms of References and its annexes.

DL for receipt of tenders is 30th June 2019 at 21.00hrs (Finnish time). Tenders or requests to participate must be submitted electronically via this link: https://tarjouspalvelu.fi/kirkonulkomaanapu?id=242876&tpk=b3eecef0-c583-456c-8db0-7370b212033a

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