Workers’ rights are human rights! -training 6.10. ja 9.10.


The first ever SASK Workers’ rights are human rights -training in English is held on 6th to 9th of October 2021. This training is meant for anyone interested in learning more about the workers’ rights in the Global South and about the work of trade unions in promoting decent work, reducing poverty and promoting equality. The training is held completely in English.

The training is held online using Microsoft Teams and Howspace platforms. In addition to webinars, the training includes pre-assignment, self studies and online discussion with other participants. The webinars are scheduled for 6th of October to 6pm-7pm and for 9th of October to 10am-3pm. All times are in Finnish time.

The training will be focused on SASKs operations in the Global South and reviewing the labor rights, as well as their significance for workers here in Finland and around the world. The topics include for example the significance of solidarity and development work, fundamental workers’ right, migrant workers and situation in Qatar world cup constructions, and child labor.

After the training the participants become members of SASK volunteer network. SASK volunteers have the capacity to act as the voice for workers’ rights in their own networks. During the training we will learn more about the significance and results of SASK’s work in the world through examples, and discuss how we can influence the workers’ rights both through SASKs operations and through our own actions.

You can apply for training even if you are already a SASK Ambassador. In addition to new trainees, old veterans are always selected for the training to share experiences and get to know new people! Anyone interested in the topic may apply to the training. Whether you are in Finland or elsewhere, have much or none experience on human rights in the world of work, if you are a long time activist in trade union or not, or if you are just curious about the topics and the work of SASK, you are warmly welcome to apply to the training!

Please note, that the admission time ends on 30th of September at 10pm.

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