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Standing up for the rights of Europe’s largest minority – Roma Human Rights Defenders in Eastern Europe







The Roma are Europe’s largest and the most marginalized ethnic minority. 10 to 12 million Roma live across Europe, most of them in Central and Eastern parts of the continent. Roma people face severe discrimination and social exclusion which has led to illiteracy, unemployment and poverty. Hunger and malnutrition, poor housing and reduced access to health care and social services have resulted in Roma having the shortest life expectancy in Europe.

Roma organisations and activists have fought to advance the human rights of the minority which has led to improvements and inclusion of Roma in political dialogue in many countries. Still, the situation of Roma women in particular remains difficult, especially in Eastern Europe. 

What are the challenges faced by Roma human rights defenders in Eastern Europe at the moment? Which are the most important next steps forward in advancing the rights of Roma women in particular? What can the general human rights movement learn from Roma activists’ work?

These and many other questions will be answered by prominent Roma human rights defenders Carmen Georghe, Zola Kondur and Cristina Temizcay in a webinar organized by Deaconess Foundation. The event will be held on Tuesday 27.9. at 14–16 (UTC+3) in Teams. The webinar language is English.


Opening words: Rauno Merisaari, Ambassador at-large on Human Rights and Democracy, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

Discussion on the work of Roma Human Rights Defenders in Eastern Europe:

  • Carmen Gheorghe, President of E-Romnja, Romania
  • Zola Kondur, Senior Project Officer on National Minorities and Roma, Council of Europe; founding member of Roma Women Fund Chiricli, Ukraine 
  • Cristina Temizcay, President of Romani Women Network Moldsolidaritate, Moldova
  • moderator: Anca Enache, Development Manager, Deaconess Foundation, Finland

Questions and general discussion 

Please register by September 25th:

The event is organised with support from Finland’s development cooperation.