Backlash against gender equality - the growing movement against women’s rights and SRHR


Why are abortion rights questioned in Poland? Why are women’s rights under threat in UN? What can we do about this development? States have obligations to respect, protect and fulfil rights related to sexual and reproductive health and rights, but growing international backlash has weakened political and financial support for SRHR – the roll-back of rights is adversely affecting the health and lives of millions of people.

What is the movement behind the backlash and how does it work? What we can do to stop the regressive development and to protect human rights and fight for gender equality?

Join us to the discussion that gives us answers and solutions.

Webinar will be streamed live from this Facebook page and there is no registration process as it will be open access.

Women’s rights are Human Rights!

This webinar is organized by The Finnish Parliamentary All-Party Group on Sexual Rights and Development (APPG) together with Väestöliitto.


Opening of the webinar,
chair of the APPG Saara Hyrkkö | MP Finland

Ongoing backlash to SRHR inside UN – what are the regressive powers behind it and how do they work?
Catarina Carvalho | IPPF

Opposition inside the EU - How is it working, and what kind of success is the opposition making?
Neil Datta | EPF

Development in Poland
Joanna Scheuring-Wielgus | MP Poland

Virtual panel discussion:
What European MPs should do?
Sara Heikkinen-Breitholz MP Sweden
Hanna Sarkkinen MP Finland
Joanna Scheuring-Wielgus MP Poland
Moderated by Saara Hyrkkö | MP Finland

Closing of the webinar,
chair of the APPG Saara Hyrkkö | MP Finland

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